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Reasons to visit BOROUGH MARKET, London

Reasons to visit BOROUGH MARKET, London

Heading to London? We share the reasons to visit Borough Market, London so you can include it in your trip & know where to go in the market.

Borough Market…the moment you hear this name, your mouth feels watery, your stomach starts rumbling, and you anticipate fun!. Indeed, it’s one of the fascinating markets to visit in London.

But wait a minute, can you relate to this excitement? Maybe you haven’t been to the Borough market before. If that’s the case, you need to experience the hustle and bustle and the regular buzz there.

Visit Borough Market London

Planning a trip to London Borough Market

Borough market Opening times: 10 am to 5 pm Monday to Thursday, 10 am to 6 pm on Fridays and 8 am to 5pm on Saturdays. 

Best time to go to Borough Market: Visiting before noon during the week or before 10 am on Saturdays is the best time to visit London Borough Market. Stalls are open and fully stocked but crowds are fairly low. Avoid lunchtime if you don’t want to face a busy, bustling market. 

Best days to go to Borough market: Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are the best days to go to Borough Market; all the stalls are open and there are fewer crowds. Saturday is a very likely day but it can get very busy. Sunday is closed and Monday and Tuesday have a limited number of stalls open. 

Best Borough Market pubs: There are plenty of pubs in and around Borough Market for you to enjoy. Boot & Flogger is a historic pub with a lot of character and Gladstone Arms is a great place for craft beers. The George Inn is a firm favorite for many years and is perhaps the most well-known; The Canterbury tales began here, Shakespeare plays were once held in the courtyard and even Dickens is said to have visited the bar. 

Places to visit near Borough Market: Based in the Southwark and London Bridge area, there is plenty of things to see and do near Borough Market. Head to the famous London Bridge, go up The Shard for amazing views, or take a visit to the HMS Belfast. Across the river, you can visit the Sky Garden, the Monument of the Great Fire of London, and the Tower of London. 

visit borough market

Reasons to visit Borough Market, London

  • Meet Tourists & Experience Diversity

If you enjoy meeting foreigners and learning about different cultures and languages, see your visit as a learning opportunity. You will find Americans, Asians, and tourists from European countries trying beverages and a wide variety of food available in the market.

They bring an infectious excitement to the city. For someone who loves interacting with foreigners, the prospect of being surrounded by a dozen different nationalities, accents, and cultures is a wonderful feeling.

visit borough market
  • High-Quality Grocery

This is the biggest incentive for visiting this market if you ask me. Everybody wants to eat healthily. And for diet-conscious people, the quality of meat, vegetables, fruit, and bakery items matters a lot. Don’t worry. Due to tight competition, there’s no room for average sellers or stale food.

The market employs a panel of impartial experts to ensure the taste and quality of food. Anyone selling expired products, or low-quality fruits and vegetables have no place in the Borough market.

  • Food Stalls at Every Step!

If you are a foodie, this place will be heaven for you. Imagine a line of stalls and shops in front of you selling doughnuts, five to six different types of cheese, coffee, salt beef, burgers, juices, fried chicken, and even sweet snacks. Yummy!!!! Did you feel it?

If you are a tourist in London, this visit will be a unique experience for you. Markets like these are rare in Europe, with very few in Italy. So be prepared to give your tastebuds hundreds of different flavours – all fresh and healthy!

  • French Comte for Saucission Lovers

Well, if you love eating French food, London’s Borough Market is your best place to get some French succession. I can hear your stomach rumbling. The French Comte at the Borough market offers a variety of saucissons, all presented in beautiful displays.

The sauscisse de morteau is their specialty and the reason why you will find quite a lot of French tourists at the shop, not just the locals.

visit borough market
  • Mind-Blowing CHARCUTERIE

Are you a meat lover? Keep your stomach empty before visiting this market because you will find a lot of meat and charcuterie here. And that too in every type of charcuterie that you can’t even imagine.

Pro Tip: Team them up with the saucissons, bread, and cheese, and thank me later!

  • Crowded Market, Yet a lot of Free Space to Walk

Your stomach must be full by now, so you need to walk a bit. And when it comes to crowded markets, there’s no way you can walk straight or without bumping into someone staring at their phone.

But the Borough market is too big. Thousands of people are present at a time, yet there’s enough space to walk anywhere and visit any cafe or stall. Feel the cool breeze hitting your face, and enjoy the chatter around you. It’s time to rejuvenate!

  • Plenty of Storage Space

Suppose you are a tourist, no need to worry about your luggage. There are plenty of self-storage facility units around the market. You can store anything there without worrying about safety.

And the best bit is, that these storage units are available at affordable rates. You can even store them for a day or a few hours and enjoy your time in the market without bearing any weight on your back!

visit borough market
  • Epic Gelato Spot

Gelato is constantly a great idea, even when it’s chilly in London. If you want to try something various, head to Greedy Goat to grab some new age deals that are additionally ideal for the relatively lactose intolerant or 3BIS Gelateria. They even have liquid chocolate from the tap that they fill up the bag with!

  • Stunning Cafeteria:

From the local stand Cannon and also Cannon, where chili chorizo was my fave among French Comte French imports, they have every type of charcuterie imaginable. Integrate them with the sauces you have actually discovered, bread, and cheese for a superb lunch.

visit borough market
  • Flavors:

Are you seeking something to spruce up your kitchen? Head to the hill of flavors and allow yourself to be spoiled with an eye banquet made from natural herbs and also spices. Tiny plastic jars and containers full of natural herbs, spice mixes, seeds, and shells line the walls as well as represent active ingredients from all over the world. It really did not take a wish for us to grab a basket as well as fill it with items to go.

  • Confit Dish:

The words lower and also restriction constantly in the same sentence always make us drool. We enjoy duck all the time, however, the confit duck increases the bar. As we dove deeper right into District Market, an acquainted scent placed ours detects over alert. It was dodge!

It didn’t take long before we saw the mountains of shredded ducks in Le Marché du Quartier being moved to a grill. It was a really unusual view to see him so well looked after. Nevertheless, the hordes of people who lined up to catch this duck revealed that he was not a beginner in the block.

As we waited at the front of the line for our turn, the line behind us just got much longer. It was lunchtime here on the market as well and although there was an excellent option of dining establishments, the duck constantly won us over.

It didn’t disappoint either. I would have enjoyed life with the extremely charitable portion of duck in my handkerchief. The inclusions of red cabbage and also little spinach included a little freshness and made it an impressive thing to hold and consume. The crispy pieces from the grill were the crowning achievement.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.