Visit St George, Utah – 7 travel planning tips

Visit St George Utah

Imagine gorgeous mountain views, endless desert & incredible canyons. Visit St George, Utah for a quiet, relaxing vacation with these 7 travel planning tips.

St George is a beautiful destination in the state of Utah and is a popular place for retirees and country lovers. It’s the county’s largest city, with over 87,000 residents (and the number is still rising!). With a very low crime rate, beautiful weather, and everything you could need, there’s no wonder why many people are moving there each and every year.  

Many people choose to visit St George for access to the incredible Zion National Park; however, there is so much to explore there; it makes a perfect vacation destination. Whether you are just stopping by, or want a beautiful getaway, there is definitely plenty to see. In this article, we’ll talk about seven tips for exploring St George and its surroundings.  

Visit St George Utah

Spend most of your time outdoors

St George is known for its beautiful outdoor scenery, so if you plan to visit, aim to spend most of your time outdoors. While the weather in this area is usually mild, if you’re visiting on vacation, try and avoid coming during the summertime, so that it isn’t too hot when you are hiking or camping. The last thing you want is a bad sunburn and heat stroke to ruin your time away! Some of the most popular outdoor places to visit include the Pioneer Park, Sand Hollow State Park, Little Black Mountain, and of course, the Zion. You can spend an entire day just in one of these places, so make sure that you take it into consideration when planning how long you are going to stay.

Go in winter if you don't mind the cold

While many people avoid venturing out during the winter, it can make for the best vacation of your life. During the colder months, you can explore the red rocks and mountains without another soul in sight. Just make sure you bring a jacket for the nighttime as it can get cold rather quickly. During the day, however, it’s still comfortable for hiking and walking. 

Visit St George Utah

Take advantage of public transport

Since many of the best and most popular destinations are just outside of the town of St George, you should try and take advantage of the public transport as much as possible. It’s much more affordable than hiring a car, and will take you anywhere you want to go. You can even go all the way to the city that never sleeps with the Shuttle from St George to Las Vegas. You can book most of your trips online, and in some places, they can even pick you up from where you are staying. You can also opt to take a sightseeing tour bus as well, which can take you around multiple locations in the one day. 

Keep on the lookout for free attractions

If you’re looking to save money during your visit to St George, then you should certainly keep an eye out for the best free attractions. Most of the time, these are even more fun than the paid attractions! Some of the most popular include Glitter Moutain, Main Street Splash Pad, and Canyons Park. But there are also many museums and other places to visit that are available for a small price, generally under $20. In fact, it’s considered one of the best places to visit on a budget, so if you’re short on cash, it’s the place to go.  

Splurge and visit a beautiful resort

Since you save so much money on attractions, food, and other expenses, it’s undoubtedly worth splurging a bit when it comes to your accommodation. There are so many beautiful resorts, with excellent facilities that you could even spend a whole day lounging around your room or basking in the sunshine. The Inn at Entrada has an incredible swimming pool, overlooking the beautiful mountains and the Inn on the Cliff offers luxury boutique rooms with incredible views. Trust us when we say it’s definitely worth it. Who doesn’t deserve a little luxury in their life every once in a while!? 

Visit St George Utah

Visit the Tuacahn Amphitheater

One of the best attractions that you must visit on your trip to St George is the Tuacahn Amphitheater. This performing arts venue is outdoors and placed beautifully in front of the Snow Canyon State Park. They offer some of the most incredible musicals, including some much-loved Disney favorites for the kids! Try and visit away from popular tourists’ seasons, as that’s when you can score some great deals on tickets. This is one place that you definitely do not want to miss! 

Make sure you enjoy some of the local restaurants

Not only does St George have some of the most incredible breathtaking scenery in the world, but the local restaurants are to die for. With different cuisines, there is something for everyone, and the quality is incredible. For dessert, lovers try out Neilsen’s Frozen Custard or the delicious cupcakes at Twentyfive Main. For those that love their protein, Even Stevens offers fantastic sandwiches to help fill you up after all of your exploring. They even donate a sandwich for every one that is purchased. 

And that’s it! With incredible locations, easy transport, and beautiful sites, St George should undoubtedly be added to your travel bucket list. While it might not be everyone’s first choice, sometimes the most overlooked destinations are the best to explore! Make sure to take plenty of photos, bring along some friends, and, most importantly, have fun.

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