Brighton Pier offers a variety of rides, attractions, restaurants and bars.

Growing up just 25 minutes away from Brighton (or B-Town as it is known as by the locals), I loved escaping to Brighton Pier on a sunny day – if not for the rides and arcade but for the doughnuts!

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Brighton Pier

The Pier is home to a handful of rides, including a selection of thrilling roller coasters and stationary twister and river rides. You can also enjoy classics such as Carousels, Dodgems and a Horror Hotel as well as trampolines and a waltzer.

Brighton Pier Rides
Rides on Brighton Pier

Palm Court Restaurant can be found along the Pier, offering your classic fish and chips or head to one of the bars for a beer or three. Sweet and savoury snack kiosks are available for those who want to grab and go – Moo Moo Milkshake Corner being a favourite of mine; choose from an extensive list of ingredients to make your own milkshake. Crepes are also a great choice as are the Wokstar Noodles.

Moo Moo Milkshakes
Moo Moo Milkshakes
Brighton Pier Arcade
Brighton Pier Arcade

Calum is a big kid and heads straight to the expansive arcade, full of penny slots, dance mats and tokens galore!

When visiting London, a day trip to Brighton should be high on your list; exploring an English seaside town and a historic but enjoyable pier!

Head to the pier in the late afternoon when families are starting to head home and the Pier begins to light up.

Old West Pier, still stands after being damaged by fire.
Remains of the West PierThe West Pier closed in 1975 and has since been damaged by fire. The remains still stand today and can be seen from Brighton Pier.

Have you visited Brighton Pier? Share your experience in the comments below!

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Brighton Pier
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  1. I’m ashamed to say that despite growing up and living in the UK most of my adult life that I haven’t visited Brighton Pier yet. It’s funny how sometimes we overlook these natural gems that are so close to home. Not only does the Brighton Pier look like a great place to spend the afternoon, I didn’t realise originally there were two piers, and that one was damaged by a storm & caught fire.

    • Hey Barry, I know! We always miss those things that are near us! I have shamefully never been to Stonehenge and I am only two hours away!

  2. I love the British seaside! Even this time of year when it gets a bit chilly it is still amazing to visit. I love your photos of the pier!

  3. Absolutely love Brighton. The best is playing on the 2p slot machines. I can spend hours there. Followed by a bag of chips on the pier. The best!

    • I love the 2p slot machines!

  4. Wowwww, I have few friends living there but I have never had time to get there! Anyway nice post and really helpful; I LOVE MILKSHAKE :-p

  5. Brighton does look like a blast for the whole family to enjoy! So neat you grew up here.

  6. Thank you for this great post. We’re in love with Brighton too… anything goes, it’s brilliant. You really can’t leave Brighton without a good night out 😉

  7. I loved the Brighton Pier. It has incredible charm and the smell of the English seaside is just unlike any other. The fair on the pier is quite fun and doing the mechanical bull was my husband’s favourite memory. Mine was watching the many people fishing in hopes for a great catch.

  8. I love Brighton. It’s my dream to move there some day. You’re a lucky girl to grow up there 🙂

  9. I have lovely memories of Brighton. Your post reminded me how gorgeous Brighton is. I especially enjoyed the Pier and the Royal Pavillon.

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