Christmas in London

With the possibility that this may be our last Christmas the UK for a few years, I decided that this was the year I needed to cram as much festive happenings in the season as possible. So, last week was the Ideal Home Show Christmas Fair and this week I decided a trip to Winter Wonderland would be next on my list.

Peter Pan Statue, Hyde Park
Peter Pan StatueHyde Park is also home to the Peter Pan Statue
Swans, Hyde Park
SwansHyde Park is home to various wildlife

Five years ago, when Calum and I first started dating, we headed to the Wonderland in Hyde Park and kinda both hated it. It was busy, hectic, expensive and we walked away with sore ankles from the many pushchairs and prams being rammed into us. However, the following year we visited on a week day and it was a million times better.

Winter Wonderland Sign
Winter Wonderland Entrance
Winter Wonderland 2016
Winter Wonderland 2016

On Monday, we found ourselves in London and decided another weekday trip was ideal – OK I decided and Calum gave in to my pleading face. To begin with, we beelined straight for the crackling stall – I didn’t actually know what crackling was until after I ordered a £5 pot of it. I must say it was incredibly salty.

Food at Winter Wonderland
I tried 'Crackling' for the first time
Winter Wonderland Rides
Various rides are at Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland is full of rides but they are all tokens only. Tokens cost £1 per token and most decent rides cost around 3 tokens with some children’s ride costing 2 tokens. There are lots of circus stalls such as hook a duck or darts too.

‘Wild Maus’ Ride Winter Wonderland
'Wild Maus' Ride

Bring cash. There are cash points available in the park but they charge extra for use and often have a long queue.

My favourite section of the fair has to be The Bavarian Village, made of different Oktoberfest themed huts. During our visit, there was a band on to enjoy whilst we tried Bratwurst and Hot Apple Cider. I was even a bit of a dare devil and tried sauerkraut…

Bratwurst Winter Wonderland
The Bavarian Village
The Bavarian VillageSpicy Bratwurst
Music at Winter Wonderland
The Bavarian VillageA band played various Christmas songs live

To top off our trip, we headed down Angels Market and enjoyed browsing the gorgeous Christmas decorations and gift ideas. I bought this adorable penguin statue and £10 worth of fake snow for my mum. It was getting dark and busy so we headed back to the nearest Underground Station; Marble Arch.

Angels Market Winter Wonderland
Angels Market

Other Activities at Winter Wonderland:

Ice Skating – there is an ice skating rink but it is recommended you book tickets in advance. As with all activities, there is an off peak, standard and peak price with adult tickets starting at £9.50 and child tickets starting at £7.50.

Giant Wheel – A romantic choice has to be the giant wheel. Adult tickets start at £7 and child tickets start at £5 but the price is worth it for the amazing views of the city. Pods and VIP pods are also available for those who want to splurge.

Giant Ferris Wheel Winter Wonderland
Giant Wheel

Magical Ice Kingdom – We visited the Ice Kingdom a few years ago; a tent full of all things ice! Adult tickets start at £7 and child tickets start at £5.

Bar Ice – Fairly new to Winter Wonderland, the Bar Ice charges a (rather steep) £14 entrance fee and is for adults only.

The Circus – I have heard nothing but great things about the circus at Winter Wonderland. The Zippos Christmas Circus is available during the day (£8.50 starting price for adults and £5 for children) or the Cirque Berserk is available in the evening (adult tickets starting at £11.50 and children tickets start at £9).

Zippos Circus Winter Wonderland
Zippos Circus

The Nutcracker on Ice – For those that love ice skating, the Nutcracker is available – ideal for families visiting the park. Adult tickets start at £15.95 and child tickets start at £11.95.

Where is Winter Wonderland and how to get there?

Winter Wonderland is located in London’s Hyde Park.

It is best to get here via public transport. Many tube stations are a short walk away. Bond Street, Green Park, Marble Arch, Hyde Park Corner to name a few.

You can download a map of Winter Wonderland here.


Have you visited Winder Wonderland? What other Christmas Festivities do I need to visit next in London? Share your love for Christmas in the comments below!

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  1. Nice post! If you have never tried crackling before – it is salted pigs skin. The salt makes it crackling 🙂 I love it but it is very much a weird British delicacy!

  2. Wonderful experience. I love the way winter holiday season is celebrated in London. When I visit here, I will definitely time my trip in winter to witness all this

  3. Offbeat destinations are my favorites. And this resort also looks beautiful. I love the way you have listed the pros and cons..quiet an honest feedback!

  4. So pleased to hear your experience improved from the first! I’ve only visited once but absolutely loved it. Being from NZ, we have warm a Christmas so it was magical walking around in the cold with all the fun Christmassy things!

  5. This looks like so much fun. I was in London for Christmas once a few years back but I didn’t make it to the Winter Village at Hyde Park. I would love to try the ice skating. Sounds so romantic…if I don’t fall.

  6. Need to visit London during Christmas time! I always come in the summer but it looks magical.

  7. It looks like great fun. I never knew about it, but then I have never been in London around xmas. Maybe next time I am back in the UK for winter I will make a trip down to London and include this 🙂

  8. We’ve never been in London during Christmas. So we’ve never had a chance to visit this place. London’s Winter Wonderland looks beautiful and seems like a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing your videos. At least we had a virtual visit with them.

  9. I love your video. It’s really well done and shows the fantastic display of lights and stalls. It will be my second Christmas away from England and I am looking forward to spending it somewhere hot but miss all the lights and celebrations of the UK.

  10. I was just there a few days ago! there were almost no people at the Winter Wonderland when I was there. But I guess it makes sense since I was there at 11 am on a Tuesday. It was quite foggy that day as well. Great post, thanks for sharing your experience 🙂

  11. Really superb stuff and your video is a lot of fun. Normally, I always dread returning to the UK for Christmas – bad weather and worse food – but this most certainly got me in the mood. I really wish I had your editing skills!

  12. I must say I’m really impressed at how big London is on celebrating Christmas – the decorations alone are amazing! Winter Wonderland looks like such a fun place with so many activities (though I’m sure it can get expensive). Hope you had your fill of an English Christmas before moving abroad! 🙂

  13. I’ve heard mixed reviews about Winter Wonderland and yes, like you, would normally want to avoid it like the plague given the amount of people, etc.
    But your tip to visit mid-week sounds a good one – thanks!

  14. I haven’t been to Winter Wonderland for a few years, and my memories of it are very much as yours were from when you first went – crowds, expense and ankle-slamming pushchairs! Glad to hear it seems so much better now, and both the rides and refreshments look inviting. Maybe I’ll give it another go one Christmas 🙂

  15. Looks like such a fun place and I had never heard of it, though I’ve been to London many times. Thanks for sharing!

  16. I would love to go to London someday! So beautiful in the winter! Thanks for sharing your experience.

  17. […] stalls are laden with great gifts and gorgeous decorations, but there are loads more attractions at Winter Wonderland – including a funfair, ice skating, the Magical Ice Kingdom (filled with incredible ice […]

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