Warner Brothers Studio Tour Hollywood: Los Angeles

Warner Brothers Studio Tour USA Bucketlist

As the eager child inside me dashed (unshamefully) to the ‘start tour’ doors, Calum started to show concern of my mental state. I wanted to spot Ellen, I wanted to see the Friends set, I wanted to walk around filming locations… I was and still am, a big kid. This is our day at the Warner Brothers Studio Tour.

Warner Brothers Studio Tour USA Bucketlist
Warner Brothers Studio Tour

So we began our Studio Tour at the Warner Brothers Studio Hollywood. The location was slightly further out from our rented apartment off Hollywood Boulevard so we grabbed a taxi for the 20 minute journey.

Daffy Duck
Daffy DuckDaffy Duck statue greets you at the entrance
Warner Brothers Studio Tour
City street setThis street is often used in films/tv shows based in New York

Get here at least 30 minutes before your booked time slot as the queue starts forming early and you may be bumped onto a later tour.

Once you are on a cart, you are taken around the studio lot and our tour guide asked us what we were interested in. “ELLEN!” was screamed (admittedly by myself) and we mentioned our love for Big Bang Theory and Pretty Little Liars.

Grand Re-Opening
Grand Re-OpeningA man gets this shop exterior ready for filming

We were taken around the different stages and walked onto the set of The Mentalist (no pictures allowed). We were also able to visit the Ellen set (again no pictures) so I was, of course, a very happy lady! We were taken to the houses and school used for Desperate Housewives, Pretty Little Liars and the Gilmore Girls; that was pretty cool. We also saw the Town Hall and Square used to film Back to the Future.

Rosewood City Hall (Pretty Little Liars)
Rosewood City HallAs seen in 'Pretty Little Liars'

Unfortunately, The Big Bang Theory were filming at the time of our visit so we weren’t able to see the set – save that for next time! We were able to visit the Friends set and get our typical ‘sofa shot’ and were also able to see the Batman cars and a museum made up of Harry Potter stuff. You can even get sorted from the sorting hat!

Friends Set

Harry Potter Museum

I did take a shot of Ellen’s car parking space (yes I am slightly obsessed) and the car parking spots for the Big Bang crew.

Warner Brothers Studio Tour USA Bucketlist
Ellen's Parking Spot

We had an awesome day and were even offered free audience tickets for Conan but were gutted to turn them down – we were heading to Eminem and Rihanna’s Monster Tour that evening!

Patsy’s Pies (Shameless)
Patsy's PiesAs seen in 'Shameless'

A great place to visit and I will be heading back here on our next trip to LA. Have you been to the Studios? What sets did you see? Share your experiences in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you!

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Warner Brothers Studio Tour
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Warner Brothers Studio Tour
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Warner Brothers Studio Tour
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  1. WOW! This sounds like so much fun… We live in Southern California, so I just might have to plan a trip up to Hollywood with my daughter! She would LOVE it!

  2. I can totally understand. completely relate to your mental state 🙂 .i would be as small a kid as you were, if I ever got a chance to visit here 🙂 what a great place..thanks for sharing

  3. Lol … I would be like I’d want to see Ellen too, so you’re not alone. I’ve never been to LA (only the East Tour), but I’m definitely visiting Warner Brothers Studios when I come there. I was such a big fan of Desperate Housewives as well, shame it got over. It would be fun to check out that set.

  4. Oh my!!!!! I love this tour! I should’ve taken this when I was in LA. I probably would scream Ellen too. Lol. That sofa shot at the Friends set is soooo cool! It’s awesome that they kept the set after all these years. 🙂

  5. I totally understand your excitement. It must be so cool to visit the place where your fav tv shows are created. That Friends sofa shot is a classic!

  6. How lovely! I hope to get to Los Angeles soon as I truly love being near the rich and famous! I love the Daffy Duck statue and the fact you got to see Ellen’s parking spot. Such neat nostalgia in a destination.

  7. That’s so cool! I didn’t know everything was being recorded at the same place… Do you know if “How I met your mother” set is also at the “Warner Brothers Studio”? I would die to see it live!

    Thanks so much for sharing it, seriously… I’m gonna share it on my Facebook account! It just surprised me so much!

    • Hey Marina,
      Yeah it is amazing how much is filmed there! I am not sure about How I met your mother,I don’t think so as they didn’t mention it!

  8. Wow great post with lots of helpful information. I am still trying to get the time to visit the WB Studios in the UK but Hollywood one sounds like the better choice.

    • We are going to the UK one in the next few weeks!

  9. That indeed looks like a happy visit 🙂 No shame in demanding what or who you wanna see, haha. And since they were filming Big Band theory, you at least know you were pretty damn close to them 😉

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