Long haul flight

Congratulations! You’ve just booked one of the longest flights that you could have possibly booked. Now you have to get creative and plan the best ways to fight the boredom of a long-haul flight. Let’s look at some of the best ways to do just that but don’t forget your long haul flight essentials and follow these tips to avoid jet lag once you land!

Snacks in Flight

Unless you live under a rock, we all can agree that snacking makes for a great pastime. Most health-conscious people eat snacks, so why not have snacks on hand when you’re on a long flight? Most food is fine to take in your hand luggage but make sure you follow these tips on what and WHAT NOT to carry on in your hand luggage. 

Does Anybody Write Anymore?

The actual physical act of hand-writing a letter or anything else that you may want to write has become a lost art. So if you’re on a 16-hour flight and you’re bored, try brushing up on your handwriting skills and take some of that time to write a letter to your family back home. Write a detailed description of your flight experience from boarding to landing at your destination, or write out an itinerary of what you want to do on your trip once you arrive.

Just don’t strain your hand, as you will need to be able to take those ever-so-important selfies while there.

Comfort Is King

Flying is the ultimate opportunity to take full advantage of being comfortable on a trip. You can just sit back and relax and let the flight crew do all the work.

Your checked luggage maybe packed like a pro but what about your hand luggage? Packing those long haul flight essentials like a neck-massaging pillow, a low-back heating pad, or even a stress ball can be great ideas to make for a comfortable experience during the flight. Comfort doesn’t just apply to your physical state, but to your mental state as well.

In-flight wi-fi with Gogo

Is in-flight Wi-Fi really an option? Yes, it is!

Gogo in-flight from T-Mobile allows for T-Mobile’s customers to lose track of time while surfing the web or texting friends and family while on Gogo-enabled flights. According to a recent report from OpenSignal, T-Mobile is now the fastest network, beating out Verizon and AT&T. So you can take the time to look up the best of all there is to do while in Hong Kong, check the current weather conditions and any breaking news that may be of importance to you, or just simply check your email.

Birds Tweet While Flying, and So Can You 

Don’t let the birds be the only ones tweeting while flying. In a flight that’s 16 hours or more, there’s sure to be some action worthy of a good tweet! Let the world know what’s going on high in the sky, like highlights of your trip from takeoff to landing all on live Tweet.

Social Interaction

Social interaction in today’s society often relates to social media, but what is the true nature of social interaction? To socially interact with others is to converse in person, not just on a screen. So get to know the people around you while flying.

You could find your next best friend, a long-lost acquaintance from years past, or your next business opportunity. You never know unless you try and finding someone new to talk to can help you pass the time and let you brush up on your actual social skills.

“Wheels down in five,” the pilot announces over the intercom. You’ve made it! That 16 hours quite literally just flew by, but the adventure has just begun as you have now arrived in Hong Kong. Keep in mind that you will be back on a plane for 16 hours again soon, but don’t worry. You have the skills to make that seem like the blink of an eye.

What are your best travel tips for surviving long haul flights? Let us know in the comments below!

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Long haul flight
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  1. I used to get really bored on long haul flights, but I think I have just about mastered it. First of all, I make sure I am tired so I can sleep a little. Then when I have woken up, I will watch a film. If one isn’t available then I make sure i have an emergency one on my laptop. I then do a little bit of writing whilst listening to my Ipod. I also snack . . . . a lot. Some great tips here. Thanks

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