how to make money while traveling

Ever wanted to earn money whilst you travel? Or just want to earn extra money online? We have shared 35 ways to make money while travelling, so you can earn and travel the world.

For some people, travel is what we live for. The 21 days holiday isn’t enough to quench your thirst to travel and explore the world. That is when you may wish to reassess and plan a new lifestyle that allows you to travel and live elsewhere in the world. Or become ‘location independent’.

It can be done and you can get a much better lifestyle elsewhere in the world, depending on where you want to live and how you want to spend your days. Here are some of the best jobs you can pursue to become location independent and travel the world whilst you earn.

How to make money while traveling

Online English teaching

1) Teaching 

This is our route. I love working with children and decided primary teaching was the best route for my career. Once qualified, I used my degree and teaching qualification to get a job at an International School in Tianjin, China and now I am working in Bangkok, Thailand.

There are hundreds of international schools that are dotted all around the world. Contracts are generally 2 years so we can move from one country or even continent to another every 2 years. Plus, with teaching you get a lot of school holidays that give you the time to explore the nearby countries whilst the wage at international schools is fairly high and jobs often include accommodation or accommodation allowances; meaning you have more cash to explore.

This is definietly one of the ways to make money while traveling but you are restricted to traveling in the school holidays.

Helpful resources: TES JobsTeach Away, COBIS



Again, if you enjoy working with children then this is a great choice. Similar to qualified teachers, you can take an online TEFL course and use this to get jobs all over the world. The pay is reasonable and contracts can vary from 3 months to a year; meaning you can travel and teach TEFL in different locations if and when you choose. If you are a couple, you may both need to teach in order to support yourselves comfortably and save for travel trips.

Helpful resources: I took a course here and used resources from here

Online teaching companies include:

Online English teaching

3) Virtual Assistant

There are lots of different websites that connect organised, computer savvy workers to companies who needs bits of work being done. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection and you can work from anywhere in the world.

If you are particularly good at a certain administration skill, you could offer these skills on websites such as PeoplePerHour or Upwork.

4) Online Business

Growing your own online business is perhaps the hardest but the best option for those wanting to build a long-term lifestyle. Whatever your passion is, you can create an online business from it.

Blogging is one option (look below for more options) but you can also create a service to offer others – whether it is content writing, social media management, accounting and the list goes on. If you are particularly good with computer software, you may wish to teach yourself and offer mobile app work, web or graph design.

Begin small and take the time to grow your online business, remembering the sky’s the limit! Think big to achieve big and earn big.

save money on cruises

5) Work on a cruise ship

From a performer to bartender, children’s entertainment to welcome host; cruise ships are always looking for young, fresh faces throughout the year, with 3-6 month contracts available. You get whisked around the world and get paid for it, whilst meeting new people and saving money to continue travelling on your time off between contracts. With the new TurboTax Live you can get a fully credentialed income tax expert to help answer any tax questions online no matter whether you’re docked in Tampa or out at sea

Helpful resources: All Cruise Jobs, How to get a job.

6) Photography

For those with a creative flair and a decent DSLR camera, try stock photography. You can upload pictures of anything to some of the more popular websites (as long as they are good quality) and earn money every time someone buys the image for their own website or advertisement. This means you can photograph the world, upload pictures and earn from where ever you are in the world. istockphoto.com is the best website to get you started.

Even if you are not great at photography, you can take affordable courses on websites such as Udemy or look at websites such as Twenty20, who pay when your photo is downloaded but doesn’t ask for a massively high standard.


7) Group tours

For those more confident travellers out there, why not set up group tours. Save up some money and head to your chosen destination, get to know the local area and set up tours for fellow travellers and tourists. Speak to local hostels and smaller guesthouses to see if you can form a partnership where they can recommend you.

Every few months, when you have saved enough and want to move on then you can just catch a flight and start over in a new place.

Online English teaching

8) Blogging 

Travel blogging is a niche in its own right but you don’t have to stick to just travelling blogging. Think about what you love and try writing something about it. If you enjoy writing, then you should start to build a blog.

This is the long game though – don’t expect to earn thousands straight away but just know it is possible!

My best advice for starting up a blog is;

  1. Get your own domain – this will help you rank better on Google and really helps you build your brand.
  2. Write consistently and well – Everyone tells you that it is quality over quantity, which is true BUT you also need to find a balance. You should begin to aim for a blog post or two every week and make sure you are consistent.
  3. Learn SEO – Invest in courses or use the wonderful Google to learn about SEO optimisation. Join Facebook blogging groups to learn tips from others and invest in Keysearch to help you find the best keywords for your blogs.

9) Freelance writing and ebooks

If you do find that you are a natural writer, then perhaps try your hand at ebook writing or freelance writing. Freelance jobs often come to you but it may be worth keeping an eye out on opportunities on smaller online websites. Focus on writing for your blog and freelance jobs may come to you in time. This is less sustainable and should be done alongside other options.

Websites like PeoplePerHour.com maybe a good place to start and practise your freelance writing skills whilst bloggingpro.com and journalismjobs.com offer some better paid work.


10) Vlogging

Youtube has taken over the world. Film your days of travel and make money on youtube by monetising your videos. What better way to remember your trip and share your experience with your family whilst earning. Watch the video below to see what your channel must have to monetise your videos.

11) PeaceCorps

So this is an unusual one but incredibly rewarding. Although it is a 2 year Volunteer program, your travel to and from the country of service is paid for, as is a monthly living and housing allowance, full medical and dental coverage and a $8000 ‘re-adjustment allowance at the end of your contract.

12) Remote work

There are a selection of websites that offer remote jobs and careers that are worth taking a look at. They are often related to programming or marketing as well as customer service and support roles. Best websites to look at: weworkremotely.com, http://jobs.remotive.io, https://remoteok.ioand https://www.wfh.io.

Online English teaching

13) Run a course

What skill do you have? Could you offer a course for it? There are numerous websites that can help you create your online course as well as advertise it.


For those that love a bit of countryside, head to WWOOF and sign up to their network. Simply put, you work 4-6 hours a day on an organic farm in exchange for accommodation and food. Not the most glamorous choice but good for those who want to escape for their office jobs. Read about an experience with WWOOF for more info.


15) Volunteer Abroad

There are lots of different ways you can volunteer abroad. You aren’t earning money most of the time but you are given free accommodation and food in return for your time.

16) Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO)

Similar to PeaceCorps, this is another organisation that covers the travel and living expenses for volunteers. They also offer a Youth Volunteering program for those younger people with less experience but all routes offer free travel and a chance to experience and live in a new country and culture whilst making a difference.

make money whilst travelling

17) Hostel to hostel

Some hostels around the world offer free nights in exchange for shift work at the reception, bar or as a cleaner. It is not always reliable but if you have any experience behind a bar or reception desk then perhaps ping a few emails to hostels in your chosen destination and and get a few nights or even up a month free accommodation.

18) Au Pair

For those who want to get away and love children, have a look at Au Pair opportunities. You get accommodation and food included as well as days off and pay. A friend of mine snagged herself a year length job in Washington and was able to explore North America during her time there.

You can find jobs all over the world on Great Au Pair.

19) Resort Work

There are hotel resorts all over the world and they are often looking for staff who can speak English well and clearly. Whether it is a front desk role, waitress, bar staff or children’s entertainer, resort jobs are ideal for those looking for some sun, sea and sand whilst saving some money.

20) Online Sales

This could be your own items that you create, a collection of things you buy or find on your travels or cheap priced wholesale items. There is a lot of money to be made by selling things on websites such as eBay and Etsy.

best islands in Australia

21) Working Holiday Visa

Some countries including Singapore, Australia, Canada, New  Zealand and Ireland offer a working holiday visa; which allows you to stay in the country for up to a year and allows you to apply for jobs whilst you’re there. This is where any bartending experience and customer service skills come in useful.

22) Sports and Scuba diving instructor

Get yourself a PADI qualification and find a job as a Scuba Diving instructor. Particularly good at a water sports, then you can teach it to tourists and families across the world. There are some great opportunities with locals or with hotel resorts who wish to offer sessions.

23) Freelance translator

If you know two languages or are even just excellent at English, translating menus, posters and adverts for local bars, restaurants and hotels can earn you quite a bit. It is possible to find work online but you can also find work on the move; simply ask local businesses if they have any work whilst you travel. Look out for those dodgy signs that don’t use correct standard English and charge them something for correcting it.

Why it is important to travel

 24) Tour Escort

International tour operators offer tours around the world and hire tour escorts to accompany the group. Budget companies such as indochina.com and cosmos courts and cruises offer 1-2 year contracts and finance your trip. However the pay is fairly low but the experience is worth it.

25) Fitness/Yoga instructor

Fitness instructors are in high demand all over the world, particularly in top resorts and beach towns. You can travel and run personal training classes or small classes or snag a job at a 5 star resort if you are looking for a longer stay somewhere.

26) Cooperate World

If you have a career or years of experience in a chosen cooperate sector, there is nothing stopping you for applying for international roles abroad. China and Hong Kong often have numerous cooperate positions available whilst the Middle East and Singapore are popular choices for those looking to expand their career abroad.

Why it is important to travel

27) Massage Therapists

For those with training in massage therapy, you are also in high demand at many five star resorts and hotels across the world, as well as airport lounges. Find short term contracts, contact resorts in your chosen destination or set up your own business.

28) Matched Betting

This one is doable in some countries but not all. Head to a country where online gambling is legal and you can make money by betting on all outcomes using the offers from a bookies and betting against it on an exchange. For more info, read out in-depth blog on matched betting.

29) Stock markets

For those who have an understanding and knowledge of stock markets, or for those who are good with numbers, try out stock market betting. Start small and build you knowledge of it over time before heading out travelling the world. Not a risk-fee option but a choice some choose to go with.

Chinese Lantern Festival

30) Festival and event staff

You may not be a rockstar but you can still work for and tour the world with festival groups or tour and event companies. Festivals always bring staff with them, including side-stage acts, backstage teams, installations, food vendors and event organisers and staff. For a long term position and career route, this can be a good option for those festivals and the outdoor lovers.

31) Flight Attendant

That well known choice – a flight attendant. It goes without saying, make sure you don’t mind moving about on flights and bag yourself a job at a decent airline. Check airline companies policies and schedules before accepting a position, if you want to travel it maybe best to go with long haul flights.

There are some airlines that provide overnight stays at hotels across the world whilst other companies will send you to and from somewhere with just a few hours in-between. The plus side is that you also get massive discounts of flights to use in your time off.

32) Travel Nurse

A harder route, but if you have a degree and are a registered nurse, you can apply for a role as a temporary travel nurse, with jobs lasting up to 3 months depending on the assignment. Sometimes you may get a tax-free income or free housing and rental car, it all depends on the job.

33) Design clothing

So this is something Calum loves to do as he can use his creativity, imagination and graphic design skills to design clothing that not only we would love to wear but others would love to wear too. Websites such as Zazzle, Dizinga or Bonfire funs offer simple options for you to upload your designs and take a commission on sales.

work abroad in Dubai

34) Job Search

If you love the idea of moving abroad and staying somewhere for sometime then look for roles in anything your good at. Use http://www.overseasjobs.com, http://www.workaway.info and http://www.anyworkanywhere.com for lists of jobs available around the world.

35) Gigwalk

Perfect for those who have saved to travel but want to earn a bit extra, Gigwalk is an app that allows you to search quick jobs available in your area with payment being made into paypal. It is currently only available in the US but is promised to be expanding. Similar websites include Task Rabbit or Craigslist.

These are some options you may wish to look into to get travelling. Some jobs pay enough straight away to get you abroad asap whilst others may take some time. We find that my teaching wage abroad is enough to live off comfortably and supports both of us.

However, we choose to do a few of these to earn extra cash but also to make our blog as interesting and varied as possible. There are very very few travel jobs that are easy, most require quite a bit of work and are highly competitive but are so worth it!

My advise is to save up (read our saving for your travels blog to help), choose where you want to travel to and/or around and try a few of the above suggestions before heading out there. Whilst you are away, see which of these options you are making more money from and stick with that.

How do you fund your travels?! Share your tips and suggestions in the comments below!

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  1. Haha, loved the matched betting idea. It’s quite creative. Of course, you could lose everything as well but still, it could be a bit of nail-biting fun. We also did WorkAway and saved heavily on rent and food while having amazing experiences integrating with local life.

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  6. Such a long list useful for both travelers and anyone wishing to earn some bucks more. I’m more familiar with teaching and and freelance translating, but working on the flight as a traveler, I never knew that was probable. Even peace corps, I don’t know there’s monetary benefit to it. Thanks for the enlightenment.

  7. These are some really awesome tips! I’ll definitely refer back to this list if my blogging fails. (Hope not tho! Haha)

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