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Regardless of whether you travel by plane, train or bus, long-haul travel can be more than a little frustrating. Not only will you be anxious to arrive at your destination, but you will also need to find ways to entertain yourself to ensure the hours fly by quickly.

If you want to create a more enjoyable travel experience, then check out these suggestions to help you pass the time on a long journey.

long journey

Read a Good Book

Many people want to travel to different corners of the globe to expand their minds, which is why many people are more than happy to pick up a good book during a trip. If you want to feel a million lightyears away from a plane, bus or train compartment, then you can enjoy some escapism by immersing yourself in a good book.

You could read a literary classic, such as “To Kill a Mockingbird,” “The Great Gatsby” or “Wuthering Heights.” Or you could even improve your knowledge base by reading a nonfiction book or a guide to mastering a new skill, such as baking, coding or playing poker. The choice is yours.

These are my favourite books for travel!

Play a Fun Game

A long trip cannot only cause tiredness and irritability, but you might have to contend with much boredom as you travel from points A to B. Rather than watching the minutes pass by on your watch, play a fun game that will help the hours to disappear faster.

You could invest in a travel board game to play with a travel buddy, such as Monopoly or Scrabble. But if however, you’re making the trip alone, then you could play a game of Texas Hold ‘em or Omaha Hi-Lo poker games on your smartphone. Before you know it, you will have arrived at your destination.

long journey

Watch a Movie or TV Show

If you don’t have the concentration to read a book or play a game of poker online, then watch a movie or TV series instead. The likes of Netflix will allow its members to download a title onto their laptop or smartphone to watch your favourite show or flick in flight mode on a plane. It can make long-haul travel feel like a breeze.

Create a Fun Travel Itinerary

As you will more than likely be full of excitement to arrive at your destination during a long journey, you should use the spare time to create a fun travel itinerary. That way, you’ll know what you want to do and how you’ll to do it once you reach your destination.

If you’re jetting off to Las Vegas, then you should bring along various travel guides and browse the internet to discover the best attractions, restaurants, bars and entertainment. You also should thoroughly research the finest casinos in Sin City to avoid missing out on a superb game of poker such as Omaha Hi-Lo.

Upgrade Your Seat

Limited legroom, a small seat and irregular service can lead to a negative travel experience you would much rather forget. To ensure you have a pleasant journey from start to finish, you should consider upgrading your seat to business or first class. That way you can relax in a comfortable seat that offers plenty of room to stretch your legs as you watch a movie or play online poker on your smartphone. Plus, there’s the exceptional service throughout your trip, which will make you wish your flight or train journey was a little longer.

Can’t afford a first-class ticket? There are proven ways to get bumped up, such as:

  • Arrive early when asking for an upgrade
  • Wear respectable clothing
  • Travel solo
  • Inform a flight attendant of a special occasion (such as a honeymoon, destination wedding or anniversary)

Work on a Project

Use your time wisely by working on an important project you’ve promised yourself you would complete. If you have your heart set on starting a business, utilize the many hours you have available by fleshing out your idea, drafting a business plan or brainstorming marketing campaigns. By doing so, you will look back on a lengthy train, bus or train journey as time well spent.

alaska itinerary

Connect with Your Loved Ones

While you will not be able to call your loved ones during a flight, you can connect with your nearest and dearest on a train or bus journey. The hours will melt away when catching up with a family member or an old friend over the phone, or you could reconnect with a loved one overseas by sending him or her a thoughtful email.

Enjoy Some Shuteye

A long trip can lead to unwanted tiredness and discomfort, which could make you feel anxious to arrive at your destination. To ensure you feel refreshed and energized once a journey comes to an end, you should attempt to get some quality sleep.

You also can support your sleep by stocking up on the following items:

So, instead of counting the seconds until your bus, plane or train grinds to halt, you can enjoy some restorative shuteye that will make that long journey much more tolerable.

Talk to a Fellow Traveler

 If an opportunity arises, then strike up a conversation with a fellow traveller during a flight or train ride. It will provide a much-needed distraction from the journey, and you could potentially make a great friend along the way. What’s more, they could offer a recommendation on a landmark or restaurant for you to visit once you arrive, which could become a highlight of your vacation.

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