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WHAT NOT TO DO IN PARIS – 20 Common mistakes of a first-time visitor

WHAT NOT TO DO IN PARIS – 20 Common mistakes of a first-time visitor

Heading to Paris? It is a glorious, romantic city BUT there are things to know first, which is why we are sharing what NOT to do in Paris.

Before heading off to Paris, a colleague of mine sternly told me that “It’s a very bad idea to go up the Eiffel Tower, just look at it from the gardens”. Man, was she wrong! Heading up the Eiffel Tower was one of the best things we did in Paris and I will always find the time to do it again on our future visits to the city of love.

This isn’t a list of rules or some stern words of advice instead, these are just a few things you may wish to avoid, learning from my mistakes as a first-time visitor in Paris. There are also some top things to do in Paris that you shouldn’t miss!

What NOT to do in Paris

View of Paris from above

1. DO NOT…Rely on your English language

In most tourist areas, you will find people who speak English but do not rely on it. The best restaurants and off-the-beaten-track attractions will likely have staff that do not speak English, so it is worth learning some basic French.

You could also download google translate or a voice-to-text translator app to help you communicate with locals. 

Try learning a little bit of French before your visit, it will come in handy:

  • Bonjour – Hello/Good morning
  • Merci – Thank you
  • S’il Vous plaît – Please
  • Bienvenue – Welcome
  • Au revoir – Goodbye
  • A bientôt – See you soon
  • Enchanté – Nice to meet you
  • Sortie – Exit
The Eiffel Tower at night during local Fair and market

2. DO NOT…Ignore the cliches!

During our stay, we made friends with another couple visiting the city who told us to avoid eating croissants and baguettes and to avoid the typical attractions that are crowded.

But actually, some of the best memories I have of Paris are sitting in a local restaurant, sipping on wine, eating cheese platters followed by numerous macaroons, and watching the city go by. There is nothing wrong with being a tourist! Get yourself a mini Eiffel Tower or Arc De Triomphe magnet, queue for ages to see the postcard-sized Mona Lisa, and eat as many croissants as you can!

3. DO NOT…Forget to dress well

A three-piece suit isn’t necessary but when visiting high-end restaurants, make some effort with your attire as is expected in Paris. 

As one of the fashion captains of the world, there are plenty of places to find fashion and shop for fashion in Paris. For those interested in Fashion history, head to the Musée de la Mode et du Textile inside the Louvre. If you have extra time, head to Le Marais; a chic, expressive district that is full of locals with flair and thrifty, second-hand stores. 

best things to see in Paris

4. DO NOT…Shop at the Champs Elysees

Head to this famous fashion street and do some window shopping on your way to the Arc De Triomphe but unless you want to spend more than you would back home on the same kind of things you can buy at home, don’t bother with actual shopping. Most stores are international brands and packed!

5. DO NOT…Eat near the big attractions

Restaurants overlooking the Eiffel Tower or found on the Champs Elysee may seem perfect but check TripAdvisor reviews and the restaurant’s website for online prices before visiting. Often these restaurants serve mediocre food for triple the price of the nice Parisian restaurant around the corner.

paris food guide

6. DO NOT…Buy water

Water from the tap is perfectly fine so don’t spend a fortune on bottled water during your stay, instead request tap water when in a restaurant or use one of the many Wallace Fountains around the city.

7. DO NOT…Board a train without a ticket

Paris is hot on train tickets so make sure your ticket is valid for your journey to avoid a hefty fine. You can purchase tickets from a ticket machine or ticket agent at most stations and if you plan on taking a train in and out of Paris, book your ticket online to save some money.


8. DO NOT…Over plan your trip

One of the best things about Paris is the experience of getting lost and wandering around this beautiful city. Allow yourself time to do just that, to really appreciate the city of love. Don’t over-plan and over-schedule your day with millions of activities.

9. DO NOT…Rent a car or get a taxi

Paris is a lot bigger than most people give it credit for. Taxis or renting a car may seem like a logical step but the traffic and car parking prices mean these can be expensive luxuries. The Metro system is extensive and relatively inexpensive, so stick with that or catch the Batobus (boat along the river) for a cheaper alternative during the summer months.

Paris food guide

10. DO NOT…Stick to restaurants

Some of the best food in Paris can be found in expensive, book-in-advance restaurants, and if you can afford it then great, knock yourself out. But there is something charming about the boutique cafes, patisseries, and food stalls dotted around the city.

One evening we bought a mini bottle of Champagne from a convenience store, picked up a crepe from a food stall, and sat on the stairs of Trocadero, watching the sunset over the Eiffel Tower; possibly the most romantic and lovely evening we had there.

11. DO NOT…Avoid the local cuisine

There is some amazing food in France but it is unique to the country. You may not be used to these types of dishes but make sure to try local food at least once during your trip!


12. DO NOT…Wait in line at the Eiffel Tower

I am NOT saying that you should skip it but there are ways you can avoid waiting in line by using our tips for visiting the Eiffel Tower. We arrived about half an hour before it opened in the morning and there was already a pretty long queue but it wasn’t half as long as it was by the time we came back down a few hours later. This is one of the best things to do in Paris in a day, even if you are short on time, so just make sure to arrive early.

At least by queuing at 9 am, we weren’t wasting time during the day but just had to get up a little earlier and eat breakfast in the line. If that’s not for you, book yourself on an Easy Pass ‘skip the line’ tour or splurge on a reservation at Le Jules Verne Restaurant on the second floor, where you get a dedicated elevator taking you up. Or try the stairs, the queue is often a lot shorter!

13. DO NOT…Avoid the Latin Quarter

Some people may suggest you avoid the Latin Quarter but actually, this area depicts what Paris looks like in my head! It is a touch of “Old Paris” although yes, crowded with tourists. Also, make sure to explore the different neighborhoods in the city to discover the many hidden gems in Paris. 

Reasons to visit Paris

14. DO NOT…Take a Seine Dinner Cruise

As romantic as these may sound, most dinner cruises in Paris costs €100 and have a bad reputation for poor food and overcrowded dining areas. Instead, stick to using the river boat taxis to see the city from the waterways.

15. DO NOT…Stay outside of the city

A common tip for saving money when traveling is to stay on the outskirts of a city and head into the city via local transport. Hotels and Hostels in Paris are expensive but great deals can still be found around the city. Use Agoda, hostelworld or HotelFriend to search for where to stay in Paris and try to stay near a metro station for easy transport around the city.

free things to do in Paris

16. DO NOT…Buy tickets at the door

Avoid long lines at attractions by purchasing your tickets in advance online. Most hotels and hostels will print these off for you and you can save a lot of time and money!

17. DO NOT…Take a Da Vinci Code tour

A friend mentioned doing one of these tours recently but was bitterly disappointed as she saw very few landmarks of Paris nor did anything actually look like the description and scenes from the book/film.

Reasons to visit Paris

18. DO NOT…Pay for entry at the Louvre

If you are an EU citizen and aged between 18-25 or if you are under 18, you don’t need to pay for entry into this popular art museum. If you are in neither of these brackets, then head to the Louvre on the first Sunday of every month for free entrance!

19. DO NOT…Skip the Arc De Triomphe

It amazes me how many friends have visited Paris but has never been to the Arc De Triomphe. OK, I did manage to make myself incredibly dizzy walking up the spiraled staircase but the view from the top (even on the rainy October evening we visited) is worth it. Maybe it’s me, but there is something amazing about being high up above a crowded city.

20. DO NOT…Avoid asking for help

The French have a pretty raw deal, with many travelers and tourists telling the world they are impolite and short-tempered. I completely disagree. During our stay, the locals were incredibly friendly and helped us with directions and translations without us even having to ask in some cases. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

What not to do in Paris

Non-touristy things to do in Paris

Whilst in Paris, make sure you check out some of the non-touristy, hidden gems in Paris and don’t just stick to the busy and crowded attractions.

  • Parc des Buttes-Chaumont – There are some fantastic parks in Paris and Parc des Buttes-Chaumont is a quieter, more local park in Northeast Paris.
  • Musée Rodin – For art lovers, head to Musee Rodin for works from the French sculptor, including the famous piece; The Thinker.
  • Shakespeare and Co–Head to this well-known bookstore and a favorite haunt for the likes of Hemingway and James Joyce. La Régulière is also a wonderful little bookstore with all sorts of treasures inside and a lot fewer tourists.
  • Marchés aux Puces – As the tourists all head to Champs Elysees, why not visit Marchés aux Puces for better shops, fewer crowds and a more local vibe?

Things to know before you go to Paris


What should I avoid in Paris?

Along with the tips above, also never buy tickets for attractions and shows on the day of the event and never take the Paris’ Abbesses Metro Station stairs. Don’t take cases everywhere and don’t just see the famous sights.

Do and don’ts in Paris France?

Do eat where the locals eat in Paris and Don’t stick to chain restaurants. Do visit the tourist sights in Paris and do arrive early and book your tickets in advance. But don’t only see these sights, go off-the-beaten path and visit the quieter neighbourhoods in the city too. 

What should I avoid in France?

Things to think about whilst visiting France is to no speak louder than others, don’t wave vigorously at waiters to get their attention and don’t leave your cell phone out when you are having a meal or coffee with friends. 

What are some non-touristy things to do in Paris?

Some non-touristy things to do in Paris include visiting the street art in Belleville, visiting the Vampire Museum, exploring the beautiful Jardin du Luxembourg, see the Roman ruins in the 5th arrondissement or is it the Musee Rodin; perfect for art lovers. 

Is Paris dangerous at night?

Paris is a safe city and can be visited at night. You can use the Metro during the evening too and there are many attractions that stay open in the evening. As with most major cities in Europe and the world, make sure to keep your belongings on you closely as Paris does have pickpockets. 

How much money should you bring to Paris?

The Cost of travel in Paris depends on how you travel but you will need at least €70 if you are travelling on a budget, sticking to hostels, local food and supermarkets whilst those looking to eat out and want a private room will need at least €120 per couple.

And remember to get out of Paris and see the beautiful towns and villages of France. Families and anyone who is a child at heart can also visit Disneyland Paris! 

I hope that helps you prepare for your next trip! Have you got any other tips and advice for me and fellow readers? Share them in the comments below. Don’t forget to check out what to do in 24 hours in Paris.

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