As a travel blogger, I am part of female travel blogging communities and read a lot about solo travellers and their adventures around the world. I am fortunate to have found my best friend who I want to spend the rest of my life with, so I thought I would tell you a bit about why I love traveling as a couple.

Warning: This blog post is a cheesy, slushy post so divert your eyes if you’re not the romantic type!


Constant Support 

When you are travelling to somewhere completely different, it can be so hard to get your head around how different everything is. Our first trip to Asia was so overwhelming but having Calum by my side gave me that constant support that I needed to feel comfortable and confident.

“Two heads are better than one”

There will always be upsides and downsides to travel and one thing that majorly stresses me out is organising the actual travel part! I spend months planning trips but I can’t tell you how many times I have managed to get us to the wrong airport or booked a hotel on the wrong dates or even booked a flight in completely the wrong month! Travelling as a couple (especially now, after 6 years travelling together), we are much better at organising, triple checking bookings and generally being a super efficient, organised couple.

Cost of travel: One month in China

Amazing date nights

Even when we travel, we still make sure we arrange date nights. We love visiting bars and having a few drinks together, unwinding and non-stop talking so wherever we are, we make sure we arrange some time for nights like this. Travel means we can arrange a date night at a revolving restaurant that overlooks Niagara Falls or we can walk along a beach at sunset and enjoy each others company. Or we can take a sky walk around the Macau Tower!

Extra suitcase room

Like many female travellers, I notoriously pack far too much! It is now become a running joke with Calum that his suitcase is always half the weight of mine! Travelling as a couple means I have that extra space in his luggage to squeeze that extra pair of shoes.

Cambodian Cooking Class

Share meals

When we travel, we both love trying the foods from that country. Instead of sticking to one meal, we opt for a few meals and share them, meaning we get to try lots of different dishes during our time in a new country.

Personal stress ball

This one isn’t universal but Calum is literally my personal stress ball! When our travel plans don’t quite go to plan, I get massively stressed. Luckily, Calum is a very calm person who always knows exactly what to say when I am worrying about delayed flights/traffic/hotel problems/getting lost.

Makes your relationship stronger

After dating for 3 months, Calum and I went on our first trip together. We visited NYC, Niagara Falls and Washington DC. We bickered and got frustrated but loved our time together and knew that actually, we were meant for each other – yes this is the cheesiest sentence I have ever written. But yeah, travelling together has made us so close and so open and honest with each other.

Save money 

Because there is two of us, we can save money travelling the way we want to travel. I am not a big fan of staying in dorms so we opt for sharing a private room in cheap hotels. In some countries, we have found it cheaper to opt for a private tour or taxi over two tickets for a group tour or local bus. We manage to find lots of ways to save money as a couple whilst being able to travel comfortably.

Make so many memories together

One of the best things about travelling as a couple is the amazing memories we have made together. Whenever we spend time with our friends or family, we always find ourselves starting a “remember the time…” story. We don’t often talk about travel but when we do, it is always about a fun memory we have shared together.

Encourage each other 

After a few months of travel, there are always going to be days where you just want to relax in your hotel room and catch up on sleep. Travelling together means we always encourage each other to do something fun and different and go exploring.

The Making of Harry Potter
The Making of Harry Potter

Personal photographer

So one of the massive perks about dating Calum is that he is an awesome photographer (Yes I am biased). When we go travelling, he takes great photos of us together but also of me and wherever we are exploring. Unfortunately, I am not so good at taking photos of him.

You grow together

When anyone travels, it is inevitable that you are going to grow and change as a person. I am a completely different person to the person I was before I started travelling. I appreciate relationships and my family and the community that I live and work in much more than I ever considered or thought about before I went travelling. I have a whole new perspective of the world and that grows and changes every time I visit somewhere new. Because Calum travels with me, it means he is growing at the same time and in a similar way to myself, meaning we are growing together instead of growing apart.

Katie and Calum

Perfect company

Of course, the best thing about travelling as a couple is spending every day with the person you love. Calum makes me laugh non-stop and is sarcastic and at times, grumpy attitude entertains me immensely. We have so much fun together whether we are travelling or not so having him with me on our adventures together, makes everything better.

Why do you love travelling as a couple? Share your thoughts in the comments below 🙂

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  1. I enjoy travelling as a couple. I also enjoy my solo trips too! You’re right about the extra suitcase space! It’s a life saver some trips

  2. We love to travel as a couple too but I have to say, my Freudian meter is pegged right now. How is is that your “To Heads are Better Than One” picture features the two of you roped up and hanging over a ledge? I shutter to think of the trouble you would get into if you were left to your own devices.

    I think the memories are the most important part. Studies have shown again and again that memories fade faster than one would imagine. Pictures (and blogging) help but so does having your best friend and confidant along for the ride.

  3. OMG yes to almost all of this! I have booked flights on wrong days and forgotten to add luggage (which was very costly when we turned up at the airport!!!) and we also now have a triple checking before hitting confirm arrangement since I was sick of getting the blame lol. I must admit I also steal a little of a The Hubs baggage allowance

  4. Love this article! I think I’m probably part of all the same female travel communities as you, so it’s refreshing to read about the perks of couples travel from time-to-time!

    My husband and I have been travelling together about the same length of time as you two, and it seems like we’ve realized some of the same things (more suitcase space, two heads to solve problems, a personal photographer hehe!)

  5. I’ve not done the wrong airport yet but I’ve done the wrong hotel dates a few times. Fortunately they’ve been able to accommodate me every time though! You’re lucky you’ve already found your travel partner, appreciate that, it’s a difficult thing to find. The point you made about picking a hotel room over a dorm, or a private tour instead of a tour, these are huge benefits.

  6. We also travel as a couple. And our primary reasons are also growing together, sharing wonderful memories that we make during the travel and being each other’s strength. Ofcourse, some others follow by default like the extra suitcase space and luggage permit 🙂

  7. I love your story, pretty romantic. I don’t see a reason not to travel as a couple when it helps to discover more about ourselves and grow together. Wrong airports, dates and hotels could happen to anyone, I’ve only experienced wrong timing!

  8. Traveling together as a couple is definitely very challenging especially on longggg trips.
    But I agree that by doing so, you make a lot of great memories together 🙂

  9. YES to all of these! I can totally relate because I love traveling with my husband too (and even before we got married). When you are in an unfamiliar place, it is always comforting to know that you always have this person to help you out when you get lost, can’t find the right gate in the airport, and someone to share the meals with. It’s not cheesy at all. I’m sure many can relate to this post!

  10. Nice post Katie, and to be honest there is nothing cheesy in this. From my own experience I totally agree, traveling together doubles the fun (if it is of course the right one 😉 ). In my opinion there is nothing more beautiful than to enjoy together with your partner a romantic sunset at an amazing beach somewhere in this world…
    And the best is to share the memories and even put them in a Blog to always remember them.

  11. Aww you guys are so cute! Before I met my boyfriend, I mainly travelled solo – we’ve been travelling together for 1.5 years now & while I miss those past days, I definitely love having him around to share experiences with, good & bad. And it’s good to have an extra pair of hands to carry my bags sometimes & to watch bags when you need to go to the toilet!

    • Thanks for the lovely comment, yes it is always great travelling together! There have been far too many times I have needed Calum to drag my suitcase up a set of stairs or look after my things when I pop to the bathroom!

  12. How sweet! We started traveling as a couple and loved the shared experiences and travel memories. AS the kids came along we brought them along. Now we have two kids and many, many travel experiences behind us…the memories weaving threads through the fabric of our family. LOVE making travel memories.

  13. lovely post Katie! Having done the solo thing in my 20’s (which had its benefits too) I can honestly say that I love travelling with my husband now! I couldn’t imagine not having him by my side to experience all the amazing places we have been to. It’s so much fun and we love talking about past travels and planning new ones together!

  14. Woha! This is total fun! I so badly need to find some partner now! I have been traveling solo since 10 years! but No MORE! 😀

  15. So I wonder what Calum’s take would be on all of this? I just took a couples adventure for the 1st time in forever after travelling solo for 4 years straight. It was wonderful but a lot of those bonuses are from a girls stand point.
    For example. Travelling with a girl means LESS luggage space for me! Darcee overpacked so much she needed me to haul 1/4 of her stuff plus I had to carry her bags that I think she packed Bricks in!!
    Sharing meals?? you mean losing bite of some awesome dish I chose because she chose something horrible? WHy do I always have to share my chocolate???
    Saving MONEY?? NOOO, travelling as a couple is 2x if not more expensive compared to the average bachelor backpacker.
    Not to mention, as a guy, Suddenly I am STRESSED all the time worrying about her safety whereas before I may be concerned but when you are responsible for yourself, you take more risks.
    Just my 2 cents. I am now running for my life in case Darcee reads this, haha, I do have great memories with her though, that is a good one!

    • Thank you for your take on couple travel! You are completely right, it is really easy for me to say how much I love to travel when Calums suitcase is full of my stuff and he does carry my bag up those annoying staircases and bumpy roads! Yeah we do order a variety of food but I get full quickly so he does get the perk of finishing off the dishes (although he doesn’t get much of the chocolate)!
      We do tend to save money just because we share a lot of the expensive and accommodation works out cheaper because we share the price of private rooms 🙂
      Oh dear hope Calum doesn’t get too stressed! I am quite clumsy so he is on high alert whilst we travel 😉

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