Working in Thailand has become an incredibly popular and sought after destination to head to. Australia is renowned for GAP year students looking for work. We interview Deasha from Travel N Fitness, about her time teaching in Thailand and working in Australia.

Tell us about your experience working abroad?

I loved working abroad, it is so interesting to see how other cultures and people live. I am always blown away by the kindness in random strangers when I am living abroad.

How did you apply and interview to teach in Thailand?

I applied online and had a skype interview. It all happened pretty fast. I applied for the job in January and moved out in April.

What did your average day look like when working in Thailand?

I would get up early and go for a run in the morning around the lake that I lived next to. I would head into school about 9am where I would teach about 4 classes throughout the day. At lunch I would usually go out with a co teacher to a restaurant.

After school I would go to the gym or play badminton with my friends before heading to the markets for some dinner. I would often go away for the weekends so that I could see more of the country.

What are the 3 best things about Thailand?

The people have hearts of gold. They would do anything for you, regularly taking me out on trips and buying me lunch or dinner.

The weather, it is always warm in Thailand, even in monsoon season it would rain for an hour, flood and then be beautiful sunshine again.

The food is amazing and totally different to what you would get in a Thai restaurant back home.


You then moved to Australia, what type of work did you do there?

I did all sorts of work in Australia. I started off working in restaurants and motels as it was easy work to get. I then moved to the outback and ended up working in construction for a while. I worked in the snow. I worked in a call center and finally ended up working in recruitment.

How did you apply and interview for these roles?

Mostly were through connections or people that you meet. Before I arrived in Australia, I spent 3 days in Phuket googling every restaurant in Cairns and sending them my resume as I knew my Thai Baht would not last long in Australia. I got a job the very first day I arrived which was great.

How expensive was it to live in Australia?

It is very expensive in Australia if you are not earning Australian money. The minimum wage is high there and people have lots of disposable income to spend. Many people eat out most of the time.

Which did you prefer, living in Thailand or Australia?

That is a hard question.

Thailand for the culture and the people but I am not much of a teacher. Australia for the lifestyle. I would move back to either in a heartbeat to be honest but Australia is much harder to get a visa to stay long term.

So now you are a Digital Nomad, tell us about your business?

I help other start up businesses get up and running with their digital marketing through offering training and management of social media accounts, email marketing and SEO.

Where is your favourite place to travel to and why?

I am very easy to please when it comes to travel, I love a beach, good cafes and good people. So far, I found Bali amazing, however after 2 separate month long stints, it changes so much in such a short time, I can see it going downhill soon. Phuket is also beautiful, you have to get out of Phuket town but the cafes and food is to die for and the people are lovely.

Where do you work when you are working whilst travelling?

I work from cafes mostly. I love people watching and coffee so what is not to love. It also makes me focus on what I need to get done rather than scrolling through Facebook.


What are the pros and cons of this lifestyle?

It is amazing to be able to pack up and move whenever you want and work when you want to. However, it can get lonely. Doing it all on your own can be hard work and it is not always easy to meet people that are doing a similar thing to you.

Are you still able to save?

Yes, I always like to have money in the bank and if I don’t then I stay put for a while and build up my funds and go again.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

In Europe somewhere, with a house in the UK that I rent out for my retirement fund and being able to come home and visit my family whenever I want to. I would like to build my business with a remote team based all over the world, so that I can have a residual income and not worry about ‘working’ daily myself.

Thank you for sharing your experience with us Deasha, remember to check out Travel N Fitness and follow Deasha on Facebook and Twitter. Heading to Thailand? Make sure you visit our website all about Thailand.

Any questions, experiences and comments – leave them below! 🙂

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Work Abroad; Working in Thailand and Australia
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  1. It’s so good to know more about lifestyle of digital nomad. It’s not as easy as it sounds. But it’s very inspiring. I can imagine choosing between Thailand and Australia is a tough question. I feel the same living in India when I get options to choose to move abroad I can instantly miss the Indian heritage. But being swift only allows us to explore more and staying at both places is such a nice experience.

  2. I admire anyone who takes a gap year to discover the world. College isn’t for everyone right after high school. The fact she picked Thailand and the way she described it makes me really wanna go.

  3. This is an inspirational message for those travellers who wants to venture into digital nomad, well it’s not that easy but there’s a lot of work and business possibilitie, lovely words to hear from Daesha

  4. Great interview! I love Thailand, Thai people and Thai food! And Thai massages, of course:D Sounds like an amazing lifestyle, to be able to work from cafes. I would enjoy that so much!

  5. Greate interview! I would love to visit Thailand and Bali – they are on my wishlist. Its quite sad that Bali is obviously changing rapidly due to tourism though! I would love to be a digital nomad – not easy when you have kids though I think!

  6. Loved the interview. Thailand has some of the most amazing beaches. Digital nomad is no doubt an easy task and you are doing it so well 🙂

  7. I love reading interviews, what a great experience too of working in Thailand and Australia, nice to read about peoples journeys and how they manage to live the lifestyles they want whilst travelling. I love the sound of her job – would love do digital marketing.

  8. Great interview!!! I can imagine the experience of working in different countries because I am also working out of my hometown so needs to manage lot of things all alone. Its a life time experience of working abroad to know culture, people of that place.

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