Bell and drum tower

At the centre of the city of Xi’an, stands the iconic Bell Tower, built in 1384. Not far from the Bell Tower is the Drum Tower, another popular tourist spot. Both make for great photos and both are worth a visit. Here is how you can visit Xi’an’s Bell and Drum Tower.

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The History

The Bell Tower of Xi’an dates back to the early Ming Dynasty and is one of the largest and most impressive Bell Towers in China. It holds a collection of bronze-cast bells from the Tang Dynasty and offers two storeys of history inside.

A stones throw away from the Bell Tower and marking the end of Muslim Street, the Drum Tower sits. The name comes from the gigantic drum that sits in the centre of the building and the tower also dates back to the Ming Dynasty, being built in 1380.

Make sure you find time to visit Xi’an Bell and Drum tower on your next visit!


Opening times:

March 26th – October 25th: 8.30am – 9pm.

October 26th – March 25th: 8.30am – 6pm.

Tickets must be purchased at least 30 minutes before the closing time.

Admission: Drum Tower 35RMB, Bell Tower 35 RMB. Combined ticket 50 RMB.

Getting there:

  • Metro Line 2 to Bell Tower Station.
  • The Majority of all buses will have a Bell Tower stop.

Day 1 in Xi'an

On our first day in Xi’an, we headed down to the Bell Tower and flew the Drone around the area. At night, the tower lights up and is simply gorgeous! There are so many other things to see and do in Xi’an too!

Both landmarks are definitely worth a visit if you are Xi’an! What is your favourite thing to do in China?! Where should we visit next?! Tell us in the comments below. 

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Xi'an Bell tower
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  1. Well when I think of China, I can only name a few cities like Beijing or Shanghai which I would like to visit because of the popularity. But looks like China is beautiful inside out. I loved the historical Bell and Drum tower drone view. I hope to see them one day when I visit there. Am just curious, why is the timing cut short by 3 hours, between October to March. Does it snow there too ? Would love to hear more about China, till you are there !

  2. I love the photo of the Bell Tower all lighten up at night, so beautiful. I have to admit I did not know there was a city of Xi’an leaves alone the iconic Bell Tower. Lovely blog, thank you for sharing this great places to add to my bucket list.

  3. Its reallly nice 🙂 The pictures are beautiful and the video is looks great 🙂 The lamb kebab looks good as well.

  4. I don’t think I really thought about just how old these building are when I visited. I think the lights that cover it make it feel very modern. It was nice to take the time to remember and think about these wonderful old buildings again

  5. I love your video Katie! Kudos to an awesome work. 🙂 Xi’an’ Bell Tower looks really awesome and your shots are amazing.. Definitely adding this to my bucketlist when I visit Xi’an.. 🙂

  6. Great videos! the bell tower looks magnificent, I heard of it, but didn’t realize there was so much history behind it. Quite interesting!

  7. Wow, looks like footage from a movie! Great information for visitors, thanks for sharing!

  8. I love the footage from the drone over the Bell Tower – makes it look like everything is in slow motion, so beautiful! Definitely a must visit seeing as its the largest in China!

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