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Best things to do in Costa Rica

Best things to do in Costa Rica

We share the best things to do in Costa Rica so you can plan the perfect trip and not miss the best experiences available.

Why Costa Rica?

Going away on vacation isn’t just about unwinding or experiencing an adventure – it can be a great way for creative types to reignite their imagination and attain some new ideas.

Whether you’re a writer, an artist, or even an entrepreneur trying to find a way to think differently, Costa Rica could be the perfect place for you. There are many reasons to visit Costa Rica and we share some of the best things to do in Costa Rica so you can plan perfect vacation.

The History of Costa Rica

The most impressive thing about Costa Rica is its story. First noted by explorer Christopher Columbus in 1502, it wasn’t until 1563 that Spanish colonists first made it their home.

Since then, there have been several events, including the civil war and the eruption of Arenal and Izaru, that have changed the country into what it is now. 

There is a cohesion in Costa Rica that should not be underestimated.

The locals know and are proud of their history, but more importantly, they all have the same eye set on the future. Sustainability. Conservationism. Peace.

Those are traits Costa Rica has developed over the last few hundred years, and they are the key values that they hold now. That’s what makes their story so special, and there’s no better story to experience and inspire you on your next vacation.

Best things to do in Costa Rica

Reasons to visit Costa Rica

Adventurous activities

Costa Rica is an adventurer’s vacation, and adventure is a great way to re-focus and start thinking positively again. Whether it’s on land or on water, this country has you covered.

For those who love to waterski Costa Rica style, the beautiful Lake Arenal is famous for its stunning location and perfect watersport conditions. 

For those who love to hike, Costa Rica has a number of fascinating rainforest trails, each one leading somewhere unique and beautiful, whether that’s a secret waterfall or a looming volcano.

Adrenaline is known to increase creativity and energy levels by 32%, and you’ll ignite plenty of it during a trip to Costa Rica. 

Take A Dip In The Tabacon Hot Springs

If you want to reignite your creative spirit, you need to say goodbye to all the stresses that are hindering it.

Thermal bathing is often associated with reduced stress levels, higher self-esteem, and a relaxed mindset.

Add to that some gorgeous scenery, and the fact that you’re bathing in nature, and you’re onto a winner. 

The Tabacon Hot Springs in La Fortuna is the best place to experience this. Nestled in the heart of a rainforest, hundreds of tourists come here every day to strip away the troubles of the real world and rediscover what’s really important: nature, relaxation, and looking after your mental health. 

This rainforest is also the setting of a number of other activities, including the Mistico Hanging Bridges – raised bridges that hang around 148 feet from the rainforest floor – the Venado Caves, and a number of gorgeous waterfalls.

Best things to do in Costa Rica

Get The Blood Pumping On Lake Arenal

We mentioned waterskiing on Lake Arenal earlier, but we should mention that there is a load of other activities you can try out in this spot. Whether you want to wakeboard, wakesurf, go tubing, or simply drive a boat around for a day, Lake Arenal has you covered. And it’s a beautiful spot to do it. 

A few kilometres in the distance is the impressive Arenal Volcano, and the lake borders Arenal National Park, which is a 29,692-acre piece of land home to everything from monkeys to jaguars. For the creative spirit, this is a must-do activity. 

As mentioned before, adrenaline is known to increase those creative juices, and even if you choose to just explore the waters, you’ll find a load of things to ignite the imagination and get you inspired again. 

Explore The Streets Of San Jose

One of the best places to visit in Central America and Costa Rica is San Jose.

With a population of 340,000, this is a perfect place to meet locals, have a bit of fun, and learn a lot about them in the process. We’re not saying you should be standing there with a pad and pen! Just talking to some locals on a night out, or sitting in one of the city squares and taking in the scene will be enough to get you connected with the world again.

And there are loads of other things to do in San Jose while you’re there.

The Museo del Jade, the Pre-Columbian Gold Museum, and the Teatro Nacional are all must-see venues that can help you dive deeper into Costa Rica’s fascinating past.

If you’re worried you’ll miss out on nature, you can also travel to La Sabana Park – a beautiful park and garden that’s just a 6-minute drive away from the center.

Stay Creative!

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