Catching the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Fields

During our stay in Chicago, we decided to get some tickets for a baseball game at the oldest standing baseball stadium in the USA. The Chicago Cubs were playing against the Tampa Bay Rays in the legendary Wrigley Fields Stadium, so we decided to splurge and get Club Box infield tickets, costing us around $110 each.

Wrigley Fields
View from where we were seated

Getting to the stadium is pretty easy. From Central Chicago, catch the Howard/Dan Ryan Red line northbound to the Addison Street stop; just a short walk from the ballpark. For those driving, you can park for free and catch the shuttle service from the Remote Lot at 3900 N. Rockwell.

Wrigley Fields
Ron Santo Statue

Calum and I don’t know too much about baseball but the friendly atmosphere coupled with the variety of amenities and exciting mascot; made the day so much fun. Being in Chicago, we of course enjoyed a deep dish pizza during the game. If it is your first visit to the park, head to the First Timers Booth on the right field concourse to get yourself a certificate to mark the special occasion and a picture with the mascot. Ticket Liquidator offers last minute tickets.

Wrigley Field is famous for the ivy-covered outfield walls, which gives the ballpark a unique look.

When we visited (in 2014) they were celebrating the centennial of Wrigley Field.

100 Years
100 Years - 1914 - 2014

When in Chicago, it is definitely worth heading to Wrigley Field! Even if you only have 2 days in Chicago, try to at least visit the neighbourhood of Wrigley Field, there are some fantastic bars in the area and you can even catch a came from the rooftops.

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Wrigley Fields
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  1. What an experience! Especially after all of the hype with the cubs this year. Sounds like something I have to do when I finally get to Chicago 🙂

  2. Although I am not that much into sports, it still looks like quiet an interesting place to visit. I love the way people gather and cheer in unison. How they get so deeply involved in the sport that they sometimes hold their breathe and watch 🙂

  3. For avid sports fans, I’m sure nothing beats watching all the live excitement, screaming in unison and holding bated breaths together. But I wouldn’t know, I’m not a sporty kinda person 🙂

  4. I also do not know much about baseball. But it is not big here in Germany. The only sports team from Chicago I know was CHicago Bulls actually. Interesting to learn about other sports/teams as well.

    • Hey,
      Baseball isn’t too popular in the UK either but we always try to see the local sport and team whilst travelling – gives you a great sense of the place whilst being a good laugh at the same time 🙂

  5. Looks like you had great seats! I’m not too much of a baseball fan but I love the hotdogs! I enjoyed reading your post

  6. Funny that you weren’t fans of baseball but still decided to take in this very patriotic and much-loved sport especially in such an iconic stadium! The atmosphere must’ve been crazy! Have you been to another baseball game since then?

  7. We’d love to go to a baseball match in America! It must have been awesome to be part of the crowd for such an iconic sport. Was everyone eating hot dogs too? That’s what I imagine when I think of a baseball crowd in the US! I’d need to brush up on a few rules first I think.

  8. This would have been incredible around the World Series. I wanted them to win after my team the Blue Jays lost as it had been 108 years since their last championship. I hope to go to a game and explore Wrigley field when I travel to Chicago!

  9. Looks like you guys had an amazing time! I went to Wrigley once and it’s definitely one of a kind. Especially that area in the back with all the houses over the bars and people going nuts! Haha. Gotta love their deep dish too. I’m craving some now!

  10. […] Most major cities—whether you’re travelling across the United States or internationally—have some kind of major sports team. If you’re a sports enthusiast, collect the local team’s gear each place you travel. There are lots of different kinds of gear you can get: MLB baseballs, NFL jerseys, NBA socks, MLS soccer balls, etc. Some travellers make it a goal to tour each city’s major stadium – we loved touring  Wrigley Field and then watching a game! […]

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