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THINGS TO DO IN ROVINJ – The Undiscovered Gem of Istria

THINGS TO DO IN ROVINJ – The Undiscovered Gem of Istria

Looking for something different in Croatia? Today we share the things to do in Rovinj, the beautiful undiscovered gem of Istria.

If you’re thinking about how your next trip should have something to do with the Adriatic Sea, cobbled streets, Mediterranean cuisine, and historical sightseeing, it’s time for you to visit Rovinj. Especially if you’ve already visited other cities along the coast, such as Dubrovnik, Split, Šibenik and Zadar. A perfect destination for couples, families, as well as artists and explorers, in Rovinj everyone will get the dose of the feeling they came for. 

Today, it is one of the most beautiful peninsulas in Croatia, but until the 18th century, it was actually an island! Its picturesque Old Town is perfect for historical sightseeing but also offers a chance to satisfy your taste buds with restaurants. 

Its beaches offer you a chance to swim in the crystal clear sea and to go on a dolphin boat tour. Its archipelago offers you a chance to see some of the most beautiful islands and hidden coves and to go rock climbing!

To get the most out of your visit to Rovinj, here is your ‘’to-do’’ list!


Things to do in Rovinj

Rovinj Old Town

Rovinj’s Old Town is made of tight streets and alleys, so while walking around you’ll get the feeling you went a few decades in the past. 

As the streets are small and intertwined, don’t be surprised if you get lost! But don’t worry, it’s recommended to be curious, to wander and to explore as much as you can!

On the top of the peninsula, the church of St. Euphemia stands proudly. As it dominates the town, don’t miss your chance to climb its bell tower to get the most amazing view!

The rest of the Old Town is filled with stores, restaurants, cafes, and galleries, so make sure you get a little bit of everything! 

Monkodonja Rovinj

Balbi’s Arch

If you’re somewhere near Grisia street, take a walk to the Balbi’s Arch, the arch replacing the old city gate, decorated with St. Mark’s lion, classic Venetian hallmark.

To be as close to the spectacular sites, make sure you rent a villa in Rovinj – that way you will enjoy every second of your journey! 

Around and near Rovinj

Visiting Rovinj never stops there. There are so many attractions and places surrounding it, so go get ready! 

Monkodonja – For anyone interested in Ancient Greek, Monkodonja is a real treat! This hill fort is believed to have a connection with Mycenae – it was founded in 1800 BC! Make sure you take a walk along the walls, visit a cultic cave and to be amazed by the view of the Adriatic!

Punta Corrente – Also known as Golden Cape, this peninsula is a paradise for tourists. Being a natural park, Punta Corrente allows you to relax and observe nature. 

Take a swim on the popular beach near the forest or, for the real adventurers, go rock climbing! Offering a lot of different levels of difficulty, routes for climbing will satisfy both beginners, as well as advanced ones! 

Rovinj Beaches

Beaches near Rovinj

Beaches in Croatia are beautiful and Rovinj is no different. Whether you head out to the neighbouring island or you take a walk on the coast of Rovinj, you’ll find yourself on the beach. However, don’t expect sandy beaches, considering that rocky and pebble beaches are Istria’s characteristics. 

Just underneath the Old Town, you can absorb the sun on Monte beach, while if you want to escape from the crowd, there’s a great offer to choose from. Amarin, Baluota, Polari, and many other beaches are lined up around Rovinj!

Island and beach near Rovinj

Neighbouring Islands near Rovinj

Saint Catherine’s island settled just 10 minutes away from the Old Town. You can get here by boat to enjoy the oasis of greenery and blueness from the island’s beach.

Saint Andrew’s island, also known as the Red island, is the biggest uninhabited island in the archipelago. Among other tourist attractions, the island offers various rocky and pebble beaches, known for the clear sea!  

Rovinj restaurants things to do in Rovinj

Rovinj Restaurants & Wine Tasting

After a long walk, it’s time to sit back and treat yourselves with the tastes of Rovinj. Whether you’re in the Old Town, or somewhere else, you’ll find the right place to eat great food, the best wines and don’t forget the Croatian desserts, cakes and sweets!

Some of the best restaurants in Rovinj include:

  • Tugurio
  • Konobe Jure
  • La Perla
  • Maestral
  • Groto
  • Barba Danilo
  • Monte
  • Tipico Old Town
  • Puntulina
  • Blu
  • Jure Tavern
  • Ocas
  • Pastrik
  • Sidro

Located on the main city’s promenade, Kantinon tavern will greet you with a great atmosphere and even better, traditional food! 

Restaurants Monte and Puntulina are, as well, located in the Old Town, so don’t miss the opportunity to eat seafood and Istrian specialties!

A little further away, you can enjoy Orca, Blu, Feral, and many other restaurants with menus to remember!

Wine tasting

Rovinj is a proud owner of many high-quality wineries

San Tommaso, Dobrovac and Spacio Grota offer you a whole different experience, taking you to a wine tasting adventure. Forget about all your problems for the day and try some of the best Croatian wines! 

Trips from Rovinj

Your wish to explore will be fulfilled – a 20-minute drive to the countryside will lead you to Dvigrad, the ruins of a medieval town. 

To take your experience to another level, visit Lim fjord, which is, in fact, a river canyon, where you can explore nature by foot or by bike!

Just like you can go on a boat tour from Split and other Dalmatian cities, you can take them from Rovinj too! 

The boat trip is taking you to Brijuni islands, one of 8 Croatian national parks, consisting of 14 beautiful islets.

Wherever you decide to go in this area, you can find the most beautiful villas in Istria, waiting to make your experience even better than what you have imagined!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.