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Looking to plan the perfect Summer vacation in Europe? We suggest you head to Tenerife and visit these best places to visit in Tenerife!

From holiday resorts to whale watching in Tenerife, and mountain trekking to fantastic nightlife, there are many things to see and do in Tenerife that will keep you busy.

A big thank you to Nick from Global Backpackers for this awesome guest post.

Best places to visit in Tenerife

places to visit in tenerife.

Masca Village

A few of my friends raved about an old pirate village in Tenerife. They said it was an absolute must to go to and I can see why. Masca took most of the day to see, but it was well worth the trip out there. When you think of a pirate village, it is difficult to conceive what could be waiting for you out there. Even though I had no ability to know without seeing it first, what I was met with surely exceeded any expectations that I may have had. I headed out in the morning on my first day and I got there, only to find that the village was not in just one location.

Masca is spread out along a far distance and to see it all in one day, it takes about eight or nine hour-long treks. Everywhere I looked, there was a good shot to take along the way. The view was phenomenal. Nine hours is a long time to get some great pictures of antique buildings and other aesthetic pieces, not to mention the ability to check out some neat gift shops and meet some of the locals. You really do feel as if you’re experiencing a piece of history while you’re there.

Be sure to bring plenty of snacks and water, though! Not to mention a backup battery for your camera. Try out their local cactus lemonade, too. It is super hydrating and tastes great.

places to visit in tenerife.

Teide National Park

I spend another full day in Teide National Park since I was told by numerous people that the Teide Volcano was located there. Teide National Park was such a wonderful place to snap some more memorable images of my one-man vacation. Sure, it took me a little bit of a drive to get out there (I caught a bus with a tour group), but it was well worth the travel.

We got there in the evening time, not long before the sun started setting. It was such a wonderful location to snap some of the most gorgeous sunset shots due to the mountains and hills littered about in the distance. The colors that were cast around the valley below were absolutely breathtaking, not to mention the low-hanging clouds that we could see after the (surprisingly easy) trek up a large hill.

After I was able to get back to my hotel and enjoy some of the best accommodations I’ve had at a hotel in a while, I got some much-needed sleep to prepare me for the next day’s excursion.

places to visit in tenerife.

Loro Parque

On the second day of my trip, I woke up bright and early once again and made my way to the second destination on my list. Loro Parque, which is touted as the best zoo park in Europe, was the next place that I absolutely knew I had to see while I was in Tenerife. I’ve been to plenty of zoos in my day, so I was looking forward to finding out exactly why this one is said to be the absolute best on an entire continent.

Unsurprisingly, I found out “why” by experiencing it myself. The zoo was absolutely massive and it was rich with the most exotic foliage that I’ve ever seen in a zoo. It really felt like you were a part of the exhibits! Loro Parque has some of the most gorgeous animals on location, as well.

As far as mammals go, Loro Parque is not low on its chimp population, as well as plenty of big cats like jaguars, lions, and tigers. They have a fabulous aquatic animal area, too. There are killer whales, dolphins, and jellyfish (that make for some great pics too). Loro Parque even has alligators, which were amazing to watch from a very safe distance away. I got some of the coolest pictures from this part of my trip.

Once I was done at Loro Parque, I had plenty of time to stop by a local eatery for some delicious traditional food for the area. When you’re in Rome, do as the Romans do, right? After that, I went on my merry way to the next destination.

places to visit in tenerife

Playa Teresitas

That would be the gorgeous Playa Teresitas. Someone told me that the sand was imported from the Sahara, so I knew that I had to check it out before going back to the hotel for the evening. I’m glad that I did! Playa Teresitas was another stunning location to take some pictures.

The water was a stark cerulean and it was such a clear, beautiful day, that a walk barefoot along the beach was just what I needed to bring in the cool night. I enjoyed watching the sunset at the Playa Teresitas before heading back to the hotel.

places to visit in tenerife.

Anaga Forest

Another day of my trip was filled with an exploration trip to Anaga Forest, where I dusted off my old hiking backpack and prepared myself with plenty of hiking gear for a hike up in the north.

It was a bit of a trip to take by bus, but again, worth it in order to see some of the most beautiful foliage on the island. Hiking in Anaga Forest was like hiking in another world. It was so exotic, that it felt like I was in a real-life Jurassic-type world and a dinosaur would jump out of a bush at any moment. This hike lasted a few hours on its own and it allowed me to really enjoy some of the cleanest air I’ve ever breathed while feeling like a character in a storybook. Very magical in a way that can really only be experienced firsthand to be understood.

If you are a photographer who happens to be planning a trip to the Canary Islands anytime in the future, then this is for sure the best place to be. Once night fell, we got the chance to view all of the stars of the night sky clear as day. It was a gorgeous sight to behold. Definitely not the type of view you have the chance to see every day when you live in a major city. Once we had plenty of time (a few hours actually) of viewing the sunset and the stars, the guided group all went back to the main building and we all enjoyed a delicious potluck-style buffet dinner and chatted the night away.

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Your pictures are so good! Especially the one from Playa Teresitas :) I haven't been to Tenerife since I was 2 years old so I've been wanting to go back for a long time. Hopefully next year I can!

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