3 days in Singapore itinerary

Heading to Singapore? We share the perfect 3-day Singapore Itinerary – including where to stay in Singapore & best things to do in Singapore. 

Maria from Both-Paths shares the perfect, 3 day Singapore Itinerary! Visiting Singapore as a stopover? Here are 5 things to do during a stopover in Singapore!

Why visit Singapore?

Singapore is a magical country, filled to the brim with exciting opportunities. Travelling through South-East Asia Singapore is a natural stop on many itineraries. Singapore is also wildly popular as a travel destination for most of the world as well as its neighbouring countries. Plus, most visitors don’t need a Singapore visa and there are a variety of neighbourhoods to explore.

The downside with Singapore is that it is not the cheapest country. Compared to its neighbouring countries Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, it can be quite the money sucker. While it is not the best for your wallet Singapore definitely deserves a spot on your bucket list. This 3 day Singapore itinerary will guide you though the perfect weekend getaway to Singapore. See everything you need to see in 3 day so you do not break your budget on long hotel stays and lots of eating out.

3 days in Singapore itinerary

3 days in Singapore itinerary



Start the day exploring on your own. Getting lost on purpose is an amazing (free) way to experience a new place. Singapore is the perfect place to walk around; it is safe, clean and concise. Since Singapore is such a “small” country you can easily see a lot in a few hours of walking. You can just start walking wherever you are, and you encounter new places and hidden secrets you would not see on a guided tour.

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Some of the highlights to experience are the Fort Canning park, Chinatown, Little India and Clarke Quay. The Fort Canning park is stunning with so much amazing history. In the park you can find beautiful art, historical marks and even a outside gym. Chinatown and Little India are the places to go to experience culture. If you want to feel the multicultural of Singapore this is where to do it. You get to experience three countries in one. In Clarke Quay you can walk lazily by the river and take advantage of the many happy hour offers.

Walking around is a great way to start the first day in a new place, see the city on your own. You get to go exactly where you want to when you want to.

3 days in Singapore itinerary

No Singapore itinerary is complete without a meal stop at a hawker center. A hawker is someone who sells food, and in a hawker center you can find tons of food stands. You will be able to find a huge selection of food. Singapore is famous for its food, and it is the perfect place for foodies. In 2013 TripAdvisor awarded Singapore “street food city of the year”. Remember to try the amazing Singapore crab. The hawker centres are also great for your wallet. Eating out in Singapore is not ideal for most budgets, but hawker food is a great option. Th prices for a meal and a soft drink usually comes to around 5 Singapore Dollars.

3 days in Singapore itinerary

Every night there is a free light show at gardens by the bay. Again totally free. Gardens by the Bay is a 101 hectares garden. Singapore has a huge focus on being  a “green” city, there are tons of parks and green spots all over the country. So many that the city is known as the garden city, and that for good reason as it consists of 50 major parks and 4 nature reservoirs.

Gardens by the Bay is a huge tourist attraction in Singapore, the outside is all free. You can walk around admiring nature, and of course the Super Tree Grove, where you can find the light show in the evening. If you are willing to spend some money you can also vist the conservatories, the flower dome and the cloud forest. Walking into the flower dome is like walking into a rainbow, the flowers and the props are perfectly put together. The flower dome was awarded largest glass greenhouse in the world by Guinness records in 2015. The cloud dome is out of this world, it feels like entering into another dimension. It can not be explained, it has to be experienced.

The light-show has multiple showings every night and it is located in the Super Tree Grove. The show consist of magical light and beautiful music, that together makes up a story. You see the lights play in the trees, and you feel mesmerised.

3 days in Singapore itinerary

Day 2

Yesterday was all good as free so today is the day where you can splurge a bit. The key to budgeting a trip is letting yourself splurge on what matters most to you, but remembering to save it in on other things.

Today it is time to make your way to Sentosa Island, perfect for those visiting Singapore with kids. All the way south in Singapore is where this Island of Fun is located. A lot of people ignore this because looking at it, it seems more targeted towards kids (and it is a great attraction for those visiting Singapore with kids). However, this island is also perfect for fun-loving adults. Universal Studios Singapore and Adventure Cove Waterpark are the highlights of Sentosa.

Universal Studios is perfect for anyone, there is something for everyone. If you love a thrill there are perfect rollercoasters for you, if you prefer more calm there are great shows and performances and if you are a foodie there is tons of great snacks, meals and foods for you. Grab a map, and just follow it; try all the rides that look interesting, grab lunch, and then head back to your favourite rides.

Adventure Cove Waterpark is great for a sun-filled day. Relax in the lazy river or enjoy te thrill of the many water slides.

Sentosa is perfect for a whole day trip, there are enough activities to keep you busy for hours and food enough for all your meals.

Universal Studios Singapore

Day 3

3 days in Singapore itinerary

Start off your day with some culture and history at The National Museum of Singapore. The museum started as a section of a library and dates all the way back to 1849. One of the best parts about this museum is the price, it is totally free. The museum shows the Singaporean history though different exhibitions, photo stories and so much more. It is a definite must on any Singapore Itinerary.

Continue your day eating at a hawker centre, before heading on to what might be the highlight of the whole trip. The Singapore Flyer is the second highest ferris wheel in the world. It gives you amazing views o Singapore. Take it at night after dark and you will see the magical lights of the city, you get face to face with glorious skyscrapers.

3 days in Singapore itinerary

The Singapore Flyer is a bit pricy, but it is worth the price. If you go in the evening you avoid the crowds and if you are lucky you get a empty capsule. The ride takes 30 minutes and takes you 165 meters up in the air. You have a 365 view to enjoy. This ride is great for challenging yourself and to face your fears, you will not regret it. If there was only one thing to be put on this Singapore itinerary it would be this.

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  1. This is an amazing itinerary and helpful to those traveling for the first time. I missed visiting Gardens by the Bay, so that calls for another trip! 🙂 Cheers!!

  2. Very cool tips, I am definitely trying ou Singapore flyer, I am sure there will be awesome views from there. This is one city I have only visited while in transit its about time I explore it. I am following this itinerary !

  3. Singapore is great! I was there for a few days and I stayed at the Marina Bay Sands:) My favourite parts were the Light Show, the Infinity Pool at Marina Bay Sands and the food!:) The best Asian food tradition is midnight snack, which isn’t even really a snack, but more like a full meal:P Sounds like a great itinerary!

  4. It’s a well-known fact that millions of tourists are visiting Singapore to explore and discover the adventures, historical landmarks, famous shopping malls and much more. So there is no doubt that Singapore is one of the perfect destinations and this country has more malls per capita ratio than any other place of the world. Not only that, it has some of the most lavish restaurants in Asia. Singaporeans love shopping just because of there are the diverse and budget-friendly market places as well.

  5. I was supposed to be on a flight to Singapore in a few days but it was cancelled because of this virus, ugh! This would have been a great itinerary. So sad I’ll be missing out on Gardens by the Bay, I would’ve loved to see the light show!

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